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K9 Korner

Here are the loveable pets featured on-air from North Shore Animal League
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Meet Pom Pom:

Meet Puffy:

Meet Nash:

Meet Coco:

Meet Socks:

Meet Tao:

Meet Popsicle:

Meet Lunaballoona:

Meet Jack:

Meet Duke:

Meet Thunder:

Meet Tony:

Meet Raven:

Meet Gerber:

Meet Bee:

Meet Spicy Nugget:

Meet Strawberry:

Meet Paisano:

Meet Ayla:

Meet Munchkin:

Meet Lambchop:

Meet Bobby Singer:

Meet Toby:

Meet Kirk:

Meet Lara:

Meet Andrea:

Meet Chaps:

Meet Tommy:

Meet Hamlet:

Meet Joy:

Meet Serenity:

Meet Mr. Man:

Meet Edna:

Meet Hercules:

Meet Nosey:

Meet Koko:

Meet Finch & Atticus:

Meet Paxton:

Meet Layla:

Meet Dexter:

Meet Rusty:

Meet Dotti:

Meet Gresky:

Meet Hazel:

Meet Josie:

Meet Charlie:

Meet Benjamin:

Meet Olga:

Meet Ivan:

Meet Anna:

Meet Mitzi:

Meet Lelo:

Meet Bryce:

Meet Anastasia & Drisella:

Meet Corky:

Meet Mick:

Meet Scooby:

Meet Chaps:

Meet Lily:

Meet Sweety:

Meet Cherry:

Meet Tennessee:

Meet Tater:

Meet Geshe:

Meet Olga: 

Meet Dozen:

Meet Boots:

Meet Malta:

Meet Suzi:

Meet Lucy:

Meet Gilbert:

Meet Zoe:

Meet Destiny:

Meet Navajo:

Meet Gunner:

Meet Bert:

Meet Jasper:

Meet Cookie:

Meet Cindy:

Meet Fable:

Meet Blossom:

Meet Benji:

Meet Olive:

Meet Tiger:

Meet Theodore:

Meet Jafar:

Meet Daisy:

Meet Riley:

Meet Muffin:

Meet Jade:

Meet Effie:

Meet Trigger:


It's the Town of Hempstead's "Summer of Love" adoption event going on now through September 12th, 2015.  Kate Murray's waiving all adoption fees, including free rabies vaccinations, free spaying/neutering and free micro-chipping!

Visit the shelter on Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh or call 516-785-5220.  Hours are:
Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat: 10am-6pm
Thu: 11am-8pm
Sun: 11am-4pm.
Click here to meet all the animals looking for their forever homes!

Meet Buddha!
Buddha's a beautiful 2-month old black & white domestic shorthair.  He's a real cuddler who loves to play and gets along well with both dogs and cats. Buddha came to the shelter as a stray, but would make the perfect family pet!

 Meet Chopper!
Chopper's a brindle beauty who’s just a 1-year old and a healthy 50 pounds.  He’s a playful pit bull mix and is very friendly with people.  Chopper even gets along well with cats and he loves his toys!

Cinnamon's a sweet girl who currently weighs in at 1 1/2lbs!  This
  brown tiger-stripe kitty has distinctive white coloring on her face and stomach and would be the perfect family pet.  

Phillip is “Hollywood” handsome!  This tan & white low-rider pit bull mix is 2-years old andcame to the shelter as a stray.  He gets along beautifully with other dogs and prefers not to be around cats.He’s the perfect pet for a family with teenagers.

O'Doyle's a three-year old male chow mix who boasts a fluffy blonde coat!  He loves people, but is a little shy with his fellow canines.  O'Doyle came to the shelter as a stray and has been waiting eight months for his forever home.

Butterscotch is just 4-weeks old!  He weighs 1 1/2lbs.  This tiny, beautiful, brown tiger-striped kitten is ready to grow with your family!


Regrettably, this beauty has been at the shelter for almost two years, more than half her 3 and ½ year life.  Georgetta came to the shelter as a stray and has inquisitive ears that stand straight up!  Known as the K9 "Arnold Schwarzenegger," Georgetta has a muscular, taught body. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood when you take her for a walk!



Mr. Magoo's a mature gent.  At 15-years old, an Animal Control Officer found this sweetie hurt and struggling to walk on the side of the road. With a little TLC he's now the picture of health.  This cuddly Teddy Bear's ready to be loved by a family like yours. 

This butter scotch colored cutie was brought to the shelter by a Good Samaritan who found her sitting beside his front door one morning. At one-year old, Melinda is extremely social and affectionate and adores being held and brushed.   

Henny's a two- year old black & white stunner whose sweet face matches her sweet disposition.  She's been at the shelter two times as a stray. The first time her original owner came to reclaim her, but subsequently she returned to shelter again as a stray. Henny's a mush who would be best served as the only pet in the house.   

Boo Boo was brought to shelter by previous owner who thought he was a "problem child," but the shelter staff found him gentle and sweet. Boo Boo is 3-years old, loves to play or hang out with other cats. and is a real cuddler!


Feragammo's a 2-year old cutie!  This pit mix is sweet and has a playful personality. He's smart and is attentive, knows commands, ,loves treats and mingles well with other dogs. He'd be perfect for a family with older children.  

Addie's a two year old Shih Tzu Mix who came to the shelter as a stray. She was in tough shape, but with some TLC, she's now the perfect picture of health and is friendly to people and other dogs. Addie's a little shy around cats and would be a great fit for a family with older children.


a three month old kitten who’ll tug at your heartstrings.  Friendly and cuddly, she’s a real beauty and would make the perfect new family member. Felicity even has all her vaccines, is spayed and micro chipped!


Junior's a 3-year old Terrier Mix who came to the shelter as a stray. He's a little shy at first, but once he gets to know you, he’ll be your best buddy and never leave your side!  He's really playful and he loves to pal around with other dogs and cats. 

Calida's a 3-month old kitten who is a 
real heart-breaker!  She's lovely to look at and fun to be with.  Calida loves to cuddle and has all her vaccines, is already spayed and has been previously micro-chipped.

Bumper's a three month old male kitten, a real matinee idol type, handsome AND personable. He's already neutered with all vaccines and micro-chipping already done. 

Trixy's a two-year old blue nose. She's a beautiful young lady who is sweet, friendly and is house trained and knows basic commands. Trixy is quick to make friends with other dogs and she would be a perfect playmate for youngsters.  Her original owners could only keep one of two dogs, so they kept Trixy's sister and she came to the shelter.  Trixy misses her sister and she would love to find a caring family to call her own.  



Here are the loveable pets featured on-air from North Shore Animal League
Join the Mutt-i-gree Movement and register your adopted pet today!

Meet Savannah!
Savannah is a rescue from a local municipal shelter. This 1-year honey-colored sweetie has tons of energy, is housebroken, quickly learning her leash manners, and is starting to master her basic commands!  Savannah is sweet and cuddly around people she trusts and her tail wags at 100 mph!  Savannah’s adoption ID is MA1243.

Email to adopt Savannah.


Meet Precious!
Precious is strikingly gorgeous.  This kitty is 1-year old and will do best in a home where she is the only furry queen.  Precious’ adoption ID is V32937.


Email to adopt Precious.

Meet Bowser!
Bowser is a young Pitbull mix and as cute as a button. Bowser’s open to having a canine companion and would like to meet them ahead of time.  No cats, please.  Bowser’s adoption ID is D48467.


Email to adopt Bowser.

Meet Pirate!
Pirate is a playful pup and his name describes his feisty nature!  Pirate’s a 1-year old Terrier mix and loves the outdoors. He’s great with kids but not cats and is open to meeting a canine companion you may already have!  Pirate’s adoption ID is NCR6826.

Email to adopt Pirate.

Meet Queen!
Queen is you perfect companion!  She’s 1-year old and is loves children of any age!  Queen’s even great with other pets and would love to become a member of your furry family!  Queen’s adoption ID is R161773.

Email to adopt Queen.


Meet Titan!
Titan is a husky mix rescue.  He came from Baltimore and is a sweet boy!  Titan’s housebroken and smart!  He’s knows sit, paw, down, speak and will do best in a home with previous dog experience and no cats.  Titan’s adoption ID is R161142.

Email to adopt Titan.


Meet Lily!
Lily is a 2-year old Pit mix. She has a lot of puppy energy and loves to play! Lily is affectionate and housebroken and will do best in a home with children over 12 where she will be the only four-legged family member… and your princess.  Lily’s adoption ID is H206598.

Email to adopt Lily!


Meet Pluto!
Pluto is a playful puppy!  This 7-month old Terrier mix is friendly and ready for his fur-ever home!  He’d do best in a home with children over 6 and would like to meet any potential canine companions at their adoption center.  Pluto’s adoption ID is V28584.

Email to adopt Pluto.

Meet Aviva!
Aviva is a gorgeous, 3-year old Pitbull mix.   She’s open to having a canine sibling, but would like to meet them first.  Aviva’s also great with kids over 12.  Aviva’s adoption ID is D48477.

Email to adopt Aviva.

Meet Pumpkin!
Pumpkin is the purr-fect 1-year old kitty!  Pumpkin has a lot of love to give and is ready to move right in with kids of any age and she’s a great match for any other pets you may already have!   Pumpkin’s adoption ID is R161774.

Email to adopt Pumpkin.


Meet Phillip!
If you want a kind and gentle dog, Phillip is your boy!  He’s a 1 year-old male Border Collie mix/Setter. Phillip is partially blind in one eye and would love to have a canine companion to pal around with and is great with kids ages 6 and over.  Phillip’s adoption ID is R157459.

Email to adopt Phillip.


Meet Fritz!
Fritz is a beautiful domestic medium-hair kitty with a soft gray coat and bright eyes. He is great with children of all ages and will get along fine with any other furry companions!  Fritz’s adoption ID is R162014.

Email to adopt Fritz.

Meet Tessa!
Tessa is a German Shepherd mix.   She’s super smart and would make a good friend to children over 6.  Tessa doesn’t prefer felines, but is open to a canine companion that she’d like to meet first.  Tessa’s adoption ID is R158479.

Email to adopt Tessa.

Meet Bernie!
Bernie is a St. Bernard mix with a beautiful coat! Bernie is a big, friendly boy and doesn’t mind most handling.  He can be a bit aloof around other dogs at first, so if you already have a dog, bring them by to meet Bernie.  He’d do best in a home with children at least 8+ and no cats please!  Bernie’s adoption ID is V32778.

Email to adopt Bernie. 


Meet Ozzie!
Ozzie is a sweet rescue from North Carolina.  This 1-year old Lab has a lot of energy and plays very well with other dogs and loves romping around the park. He knows the command sit, but cannot have too many treats due to his restricted diet. He will need a home with patience and a little extra love and care due to a previous injury.  Ozzie’s looking to give lots of kisses to his new family! Ozzie’s adoption ID is NCR3240.

Email to adopt Ozzie.

Meet Willy!
Willy is a very special kitty who is mellow, friendly, and loves attention. He is a little bundle of personality, but is looking for a quiet household to enjoy his new life in. Willy's perfect match is a patient cat lover who sees that his sweet soul is as bright as his curious eyes.  Willy’s adoption ID is D48656.

Email to adopt Willy.

Meet Sarah!
Sarah is a 5-month old Terrier mix. She is friendly and has LOADS of energy so she needs some room to romp around in. Sarah loves all kinds of treats and snacks, but is not a fan of cats. She doesn’t mind canine companions, but would like to meet them first.  Sarah’s adoption ID is V30816.

Email to adopt Sarah.


Meet Biscuit!
Biscuit is a super fluffy 1-year old male Chow/Husky mix.  A puppy at heart, he loves lots of playtime, chasing the ball, and ear scratches.  Biscuit will do best in a home with children over 12 where he is the only pet since he is not a fan of cats. Biscuit’s adoption ID is V29601.

Email to adopt Biscuit.


Meet Josie!
Josie is a sweet 8-month old kitty. She is super affectionate and is purr-fect with children of all ages and other pets!  Josies’ adoption ID is H206577.

Email to aopt Josie.


Meet Pheonix!
Phoenix is looking for his forever home. The staff describes him as a “magical Lab mystery mix” who is five years young. Phoenix is a well-behaved boy who would prefer to be the only pet in the house hand so he can have all the love to himself. He’s be perfect for empty-nesters as he needs a family that will help ease him into a life of happiness and snacks.  Pheonix’s adoption ID is V10472.

Email to adopt Pheonix.

Meet ZaZu!
Zazu is a 1-year old female talkative tabby. She is shy at first but very sweet and affectionate. She likes to follow her people around and meows when spoken to! Zazu has a great personality and is always happy to see you, and purrs away. ZaZu’s adoption ID is D48464.

Email to adopt ZaZu.


Meet Huck!
Huck is a handsome dog with a lot of love to give. This pit mix had a rough start, but the League has given him a new lease on life. Huck is the type of dog who would just love to curl up next to you on the couch and relax, whether it be to watch the big game or the nightly news, Huck would be content just to be by your side. Despite his size, he thinks he's a lap dog and is eager to please.  As much as the staff and volunteers love him, and they would love nothing more than to see him find a loving and caring home!  Huck’s adoption ID is AH253.

Email to adopt Huck.


Meet Nibbles!
Nibbles is a Jack Russell Terrier mix who likes to play!  This 1 ½ year old pup is a happy-go-lucky girl looking for a new playmate and a nice spacious yard.  Nibbles’ adoption ID is SCR0608.



Meet Denver!
Denver is a 3-year old Hound mix and absolutely gorgeous. He is spunky, goofy and has tons of energy. Denver will do best in a home with children over 12 and no other pets.  Denver’s adoption ID is T83827.'

Email to adopt Denver.


Meet Lola!
Lola is a 4-year old rescue.  This sweet girl came from a local municipal shelter and is calm and enjoys being petted and lounging around. Once Lola warms up to you, she just wants to cuddle.  Lola’s adoption ID is MA2631.

Email to adopt Lola.


Meet Neo!
Neo is a 1-year old Lab/Pointer mix and is intelligent and loyal; the best of both breeds!  If you love chocolate you’ll fall instantly for Neo’s gorgeous chocolate-brown eyes.   He’s great with kids over 12 and would like to have complete affection from his forever family.  Neo’s adoption ID is NCR3153.

Email to adopt Neo.


Meet Navajo!
Navajo needs his own Instagram account!  Navajo’s an independent and ever so noble looking 2 year-old male cat. He has a beautiful fluffy coat and is down to lounge around anywhere he can get comfy.  He’s a one-cat kind of person and prefers adults only.  Navajo’s adoption ID is V27420.


Email to adopt Navajo.


Teddy is a Boston Terrier mix which means he loves to play and has plenty of energy to spare! This 2-year old needs a home with a yard so he can burn off some of his playful energy. Teddy doesn’t fancy felines, but does fancy children 12 and over.  Teddy’s adoption ID is NCR6628.

Email to adopt Teddy.


Meet Alice!
Alice is the purr-fect lap cat!  This 2 year-old female calico cat loves to lounge around and is super friendly! Alice can get along with just about anyone, as long as they have a lap and love to give!  Alice’s adoption ID is R160843.

Email to adopt Alice.

Meet Louie!
Louie loves to play!  This 4-year old Corgi mix is cute as a button and wants to go to a home that will spoil him with lots of toys!  Louie would prefer to have human siblings that are at least 12-years old. Louie’s adoption ID is H206420.

Email to adopt Louie.


Meet Pooky!
Pooky is looking for a purr-manent place to call home!  He is a rescue from a local municipal shelter and is 4-year’s young! Pookys likes kids of all ages and loves cozy nights inside! Pooky’s adoption ID is R161065.

Email to adopt Pooky.


Costanza is a 1-year old Shepherd/Terrier mix who loves to play! This adorable pup is the perfect pet companion to children over 6 and is open to having a canine sibling, too.  He’d just like to meet them first.  Costanza’s adoption ID is T88090.

Email to adopt Costanza.


Misty is friendly, sweet, inquisitive and housebroken!  This 3-year old Shepherd/Collie mix can be a bit shy at first when meeting new people, but once she warms up, she is playful and affectionate!  Misty is open to a canine sibling, but would like to meet them first.  Misty’s adoption ID is T86467.

Email to adopt Misty.


Meet Glitter!
Glitter is a 1 1/2-year old female kitty who likes to play… BUT would rather prefer to lounge around and relax!  She’s great with other cats and kids of all ages and despite being on a special diet, is in good health!  Glitter loves pets, but likes her alone time, too.  Glitter’s adoption ID is H204966.

Email to adopt Glitter.


Amos was rescued with help from the Pittsburgh Animal Aviation Rescue Team, which rescues at-risk animals and air lifts them from danger to safety.  He’s a 2-year old male Pit mix and is super friendly and gentle.  Amos is great with children over 6 and doesn’t mind other dogs, as long as he gets to meet them first! Amos’ adoption ID is R161076. 

Email to adopt Amos.


Holly needs a home since one of her owners passed away and the other could no longer care for her.  She’s an adorable Pit Bull mix and is about 5 year.  Her previous owners spoiled her with snuggles and she loves to give kisses, likes other dogs and walks well on a leash. She even knows basic commands and would adjust well to a variety of homes. Holly’s adoption ID is H206535.

Email to adopt Holly!

Meet Sunshine & Chubby! 
Two is better than one and Sunshine & Chubby are looking for a home they can go to together!  Both are under a year old and are shy at first, but be careful- they quickly turn in to purr machines once you start petting them. Double adoption = double the love! Sunshine's adoption ID is H206299 and Chubby's adoption ID is H206300.

Email to adopt Sunshine & Chubby!

If you’ve got an active household, Polo is perfect for you!  Polo’s a 2-year old Pit/Border Collie mix and he is friendly, energetic, and playful!  Polo’s open to being a doggie brother, but he’s not a big fan of cats. Polo’s adoption ID is V29296. 

Email to adopt Polo! 


Drew is a gorgeous 2-year old Retriever mix with a sweet side! This boy is sweet, gives kisses, leans in for affection, and is good on the leash. Drew doesn’t mind going in to a home that already has a dog, but he’d like to meet them first.  Drew’s adoption ID is V27515.

Email to adopt Drew!


Meet Suzie!
Suzie is a 5-year old kitty who was rescued from a local municipal shelter. She is sweet, friendly and great with kids of all ages! Suzie is looking for a loving home where she can receive lots of love and cuddles.  Suzie’s adoption ID is MA2642.

Email to adopt Suzie.

Peter is a 2 year-old male Chow/Lab mix and he is as sweet as can be. He can be a bit shy at first but warms up to you quickly. He loves to be pet once he gets to know you and would make a great addition to a family with kids over the age of 6.  Peter’s adoption ID is CR6835.

Email to adopt Peter.

Cleo is a sweet, playful one year old female kitty. She loves to chat and loves attention.  Cleo’s favorite toy is a toy mouse and she’s even litterbox trained! Cleo will do best in a home with no other pets and a family to call her very own.  Cleo’s adoption ID is R157317.

Email to adopt Cleo!


Meet Hercules!
Hercules is an 8-month old Pitbull/Pointer mix and is friendly, playful, and sweet. Hercules is housebroken and will roll over for belly rubs and is very affectionate.  He’s handles well on a leash and knows how to “sit.”  He will do best in a home with children over 6.  Hercules’ adoption ID is V30925.

Email to adopt Hercules.
Photo credit: Ellen Dunn 


Molly is a 2 year-old Newfoundland/Lab mix who is gentle, sweet, and even-tempered. She approaches gently and loves giving licks on your hand. She warms up to virtually anyone she meets and is looking for a loving home where she will receive nothing but affection.  Molly’s adoption ID is NCR5274.

Email to adopt Molly! 

Meet Mitso!
Mitso is an 8-year old male Shepherd/Boxer mix and is absolutely adorable. He is housebroken, loyal, and looking for a family to love. Mitso can make a good brother to other dogs, but would like to meet them first.  Mitso’s adoption ID isT68110.

Email to adopt Mitso!


Meet Shayna!
Shayna is a beautiful shepherd/terrier mix. Shy at first, she wants to warm up to her new family and be the best companion anyone can ever ask for. Shayna is very affectionate when trust is developed, is housebroken and handles well on leash walks. Shayna’s adoption ID is NCR4267.

Email to adopt Shayna


Meet Frankie!
Meet Frankie, a sweet, mush of a dog who is just waiting to be your new best friend. Don't let his size fool you, Frankie is sweet, friendly, affectionate dog who gets along well with other pets. He’s housebroken and handles well on the leash. He’s strong, so an owner with previous large breed dog experience is preferred!  Frankie’s adoption ID is H204550.

Email to adopt Frankie
Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn 

Meet Kendall!
Kendall is a very smart, 4 year-old Lab/Terrier mix. She has learned many commands at the Animal League, including 'sit', 'paw', and 'play dead'. Kendall is housebroken and handles well on leash walks and even gets along well with other dogs. Come see this beauty today.  Kendall’s adoption ID is T80732.

Email to adopt Kendall!
Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn


Meet Mimi!
Mimi is a beautiful, tortoise shell colored, adult cat. She is a true lap cap and loves to be pet and groomed. When it's time to play Mimi is all over her cat toys, and will make herself the center of attention. Mimi’s even is litter box trained.  Mimi’s adoption ID is O34394.

Email to adopt Mimi.
Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn

Meet Robin!
Robin is a young, purebred bulldog, who came to North Shore Animal League from their recent puppy mill rescue.  Robin’s a bit shy but warms up with time and patience. Friendly, affectionate and playful, this sweet girl would do well in a home with kids over 10 years of age, as a quiet, calm home would make her feel safe and sound. Robin’s adoption ID is PM3901.

Email to adopt Robin.

Meet Lance!
Lance is an international rescue from an overcrowded shelter in Taiwan and is looking for a place to settle down. Lance is a sweet, terrier mix who is very friendly, is housebroken and handles well on leash walks. Lance is very loyal and gives hugs easily and knows commands, like 'sit', 'down' and 'paw'. Lance’s adoption ID is IR300.

Email to adopt Lance.
Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn

Meet Shelby Slippers!
Shelby Slippers is a 9-year old black beauty who doesn't let her diabetes get her down. She loves attention, all forms of affection, and adores children of all ages. This lady loves to lounge but will pounce when you say it's time to play!  Shelby Slippers' adoption ID is R101754.

Email to adopt Shelby Slippers.
Photo credit: Ellen Dunn


Meet Cynthia!
Cynthia is a gorgeous Labrador/Pit mix who is 10-years young!  As are the benefits of adopting a senior dog, Cynthia is housebroken, handles well on leash walks, and knows basic commands like "sit," "down" and "stay". Cynthia is as playful as a puppy and would do well in a home with children over 12. Cynthia's adoption ID is R104881.

Email to adopt Cynthia.
Photo credit:
 Ellen Dunn & Kayla Stoikos

Meet Mick!
Mick is a 3 year-old Hound mix Mutt-i-gree, and a big ball of happiness. Give Mick a treat and a tennis ball and you'll have a best friend for life. Mick is housebroken and knows the Dog 101 basics ("sit" and leash manners), and will do best in a household with children 12 and older. Mick doesn't mind sharing his family with another dog, as long as he gets some TLC. Mick's adoption ID is T85771.

Email to adopt Mick!
Photo credit: Ellen Dunn


Meet Sweet Pea!
Sweet Pea is a sweet bundle of love. This friendly feline has a curious, adventurous nature and is on the prowl for her favorite cat toys, and tasty treats. Sweet Pea loves to be the center of attention and will let you know when it's lap time. Sweet Pea is litter box trained and would do well in a home with children over 12. Sweet Pea's adopion ID is E01267.

Email to adopt Sweet Pea!
Photo credit: Ellen Dunn 

Meet Oakley!
Oakley's from Tennessee and is a straight up southern belle. A beautiful Labrador/Hound mix Mutt-i-gree, Oakley is mature, well-mannered, housebroken, and knows "sit," but is looking for some guidance to help her through finishing school. Oakley is sweet and sassy, and this litle lady is dreaming of a loving home, complete with snacks, toys, and children over 12 years of age.  Oakley's adoption ID is T74821.

Email to adopt Oakley.
Photo credit: Ellen Dunn

Meet Blossom!
Blossom is a beautiful cat who loves to be the center of attention. She plays shy at first, but warms up to you quickly and makes YOU her favorite toy. Blossom’s litter trained, friendly and affectionate, and looking for a forever home where she can be the queen of the castle.  Blossom's adoption number is H193652.

Email  to adopt Blossom!

Meet Pippin!
Pippin is a beautiful boxer mix. She’s a bit shy but once she gets to know you she’s very friendly and affectionate. Pippin’s playful, loyal and energetic. She’s housebroken, handles well on leash walks and knows many commands, including 'sit', 'down' and 'paw'.  Pippin's adoption number is V29591.

Email to adopt Pippin!
Photo credit: Ellen Dunn 

Meet BB King!
BB King is one cool kitty. He’s a tabby and gets along well with other cats. BB enjoys being pet and groomed and is still a kitten at heart! He's litter box trained and looking for a nice quiet home to relax in.  BB King's adoption number is DA11.

Email to adopt BB King!

Meet Louie!
Louie is a sweet-tempered, young-adult Hound mix. He's very playful and has a fondness for belly rubs. Louie is housebroken, handles well on a leash and would do well in a home with an experienced dog owner and kids ages 12 and older. Louie's adoption number is LG222.

Email to adopt Louie!
Photo credit: Ellen Dunn 

Meet Smokey!
Smokey is a wide-eyed beauty that will lure you in with her good looks. This young adult cat is very independent. Smokey is very curious, which lends to her playful nature, but she enjoys the quiet moments lounging around, too. She's is litter box trained and is good with kids 12 and older. Smokey's adoption number is H200931.

Email  to adopt Smokey!



It's the Town of Hempstead's "Home For The Holiday's" adoption event going on now through January 4th, 2015.  Kate Murray's waiving all adoption fees, including free rabies vaccinations, free spaying/neutering and free micro-chipping!

Visit the shelter on Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh or call 516-785-5220.  Hours are:
Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat: 10am-6pm
Thu/Sun: 11am-4pm.
Click here to meet all the animals looking for their forever homes! 

Meet Aubree!
Aubree is a sweet 5-month old puppy!  She was found by a local police officer and brougt in to the shelter.  Aubree's playful, social and gets along well with people and pets alike! 

Meet Molly!
Molly is 2-month's old and a beautful grey color.  She is already spayed and loves to purr! 

Meet Natasha!
Natasha's a beautiful domestic long-hair/Maine Coon mix.  She's 2-years old and was brought in as a stray.  She love's to be brushed and snuggled!


Meet Cashmere!
Cashmere's a sweet 10-month hold Hound/Terrier mix with cute freckles on his nose.  He was found running free in a town parking lot when he was brought it in.  He's loyal, obedient and ready for his forever home!


Meet Maxwell!
Maxwell's a snuggle 4-year old Shih Tzu-Affenpinscher mix.  He loves to be held and can hold his own, too, with sit commands.  He loves to take car rides and would be great with other pets! 


Meet Kekata & Meeko!
Kekata and Meeko are brother and sister!  These 4-month old black & white domestic shorthair's are playful, loving and laready sayed/nuetered.  They love each other so much taht sometime they're found sleeping together in each other's arms!



Meet Loverly!
Loverly is a handsome tiger-looking domestic shorthair.  He's 5 and was found by a good samaritan in a very ill conditon.  With lots of love and TLC, Loverly is happy, healthy and ready for his forever home. 


Meet Dovi!
Dovi is a delightful 1 1/2-year old hound/beagle mix.  He loves cuddling and attention and wuld be a great family dog!  Dovi does love fitness, so he' sperfect for someone on the move!


Meet Newton!
Newton's a 2-year old terrier mix.  He came to the shelter with allitter of pups he fathered and they were all adopted.  Newton's a social butterfly and is super friendly!


Meet Baby!
Baby is a beautiful 5-year old black and white domestic longhair... and there's lots of her to love!  Baby is friendly, gentle and loves getting petted!



Here are the loveable pets featured on-air from North Shore Animal League

Meet Honey & Omelet!
Honey and Omelet came to NSAL as part of an emergency rescue and were paired up as roommates to help them each develop better social skills.  They really bonded and have been best friends ever since. At first they can be shy, but their curious nature means they love playtime.  Lounging on laps and back scratches are equally important. Honey and Omelet are both litter box trained and are good with other cats, as well as kids 12 and older.  Honey & Omelet's adoption IDs are E01613 and E01612.


Email Dori to adopt both Honey & Omelet


Meet Max!
Max is an adult male, German Shepherd mix. This handsome boy loves to play and loves his treats. Max is housebroken and handles well on leash walks. Friendly, affectionate and loyal, Max would do well in a home with kids 12 and up. Max is looking for an active household preferably with no other small pets. Max's adoption ID is V25062.

Email Vincent to adopt Max.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn


Cuervo's a playful mush who is very energetic and loves to play a quick round of fetch. Cuervo is loyal, affectionate and would do well in a home with kids 12 and older.   He's even is housebroken and does well on  leash walks!  Cuervo's adoption ID is T65488.

Email Alex to adopt Cuervo.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.

Meet Fable!
Fable's a handsome German Shepherd mix!  This mutt-i-gree® is friendly, loyal and very athletic. Fable will flourish in a single-pet home and is good with children 12 and up. Fable is already housebroken and handles well on leash walks. Fable's adoption ID is T79673.

Email Rachael to adopt Fable.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.


Meet Simba!
Simba is a handsome, two-and-a-half-year-old lab mix.  He gets along with other dogs, loves to play and go out for walks to explore.  He’s become an unofficial greeter who welcomes new dogs in to the shelter. Simba is very energetic and responds well to all of his obedience commands and is house trained.  He’d be the perfect fit for a person or family who has some experience with dogs and the energy to keep up with this tan-coated ball of energy. Simba's adoption number is T85855.

Email Vincent to adopt Simba.


Ali and Kathy used to be canine members of a mountain patrol unit in Taiwan!  When the patrol station they worked for shut down, they were abandoned.  A pair of mountain hikers found the 3-year old dogs and they nursed back to health before making their trip to Long Island!  This brother-sister duo is up for adoption as a pair and are ready for a loving home!

Email Rachael to adopt Ali & Kathy.

Digit’s lived with his family ever since he was a puppy, but they had to move, and the apartment where they were going to live didn’t allow dogs.  Digit ended up at North Shore Animal League and is 4 ½ years old.  Digit loves his walks and is very curious – he definitely has a hound’s nose and has to stop to smell everything. He is a bit shy and nervous at first when you first meet him – he might even seem fearful but once you have gained his trust he will sit, give you his paw, and roll right over for a belly rub!  Adoption #V24529.

Email Erica to adopt Digit.


Meet Lulu!
LuLu is a 5-year old Cattle Dog mix. This sweet girl came in when her previous owner lost his home and everything he owned to Hurricane Sandy. She was very shy at first but warmed up quickly, showing her true, loving personality. She is housebroken, loves to play outside, and gives the best kisses. She even knows how to run on a treadmill!  Lulu is a wonderful companion who will do best in a home with children over 12. Lulu’s reference adoption #T79023.

Email Erika to adopt Lulu.

Meet Betsy!
Betsy is a 12 years young female kitty. She is shy around new people but calms with a little love and petting, then she just purrs away. This sweet girl likes to lounge but really enjoys her play time, too. Betsy is litter box trained, and is looking for a calm and quiet home to relax and curl up on a nice, soft lap.  Betsy’s reference adoption #H174084.

Email Jessica to adopt Betsy.


Flora is an adorable 3 year-old Beagle who came to us as part of a puppy mill rescue. Flora is a very friendly and affectionate dog. She gets along well with other dogs, but would prefer a calming influence to help ease her into her new home. Flora handles well on leash walks, and is good with children 6 and older.  Flora’s reference adoption #PM3722.

Email Rachael to adopt Flora.


Meet Madison!
Just being in the same room as this dazzling pussycat is an instant boost. For someone so attractive, Madison isn’t nearly as demanding. Just pet her, shower her with attention, play with her, nap with her, and provide her with a calm, quiet home (she’s fantastic with children over 12) and she will be the happiest kitty in the world.
Madison’s adoption number is H1843.

Email Tara to adopt Madison.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.

Benji is a 4 year-old Hound/Terrier mix with the puppiest of puppy eyes. He is an extremely loyal companion and once you earn his trust, he won't leave your side. Benji loves walks and spending time relaxing and playing despite his independent streak! Benji will do best in a home with children older than 16. Benji's adoption umber is GN023.

Email Rachael to adopt Benji.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn 

Meet Pebbles!
Pebbles is a 9 month-old Border Collie/Terrier mix Muttigree and the Border Collie qualities shine through in her intelligence and tennis ball-finding ability. Pebbles is one smart cookie and needs a family who can keep up with her, preferably with kids older than 6. Pebbles is super friendly and loves other dogs, participating in our doggie playgroups and a perfect lady on leash walks. 
Pebbles’ adoption number is R158599.

Email Erica to adopt Pebbles.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.

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