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Tips to Healthy Cooking


Tips To Healthy Cooking

Brianna Crocco (KJOY Staff Writer)


In a nation with a growing obesity rate, it may be hard to stay on track when choosing your meals. Here are some tips for healthy cooking.

Picking out ingredients is the first step towards cooking healthy. Whether you are making a meat, fish, veggie, or pasta dish; it is always important to select the best of its kind. When choosing meats, always go for lean cuts of meat such as sirloin, roasts, beef ground, or loin chops at the healthier “select” grade rather than “choice” or “prime.” Poultry without the skin is another healthy option when choosing meats as well. When opting for seafood, fish and shellfish are ideal because they are lower in saturated fat. Also, when adding pastas, remember, whole wheat is the way to go due to B vitamins, antioxidants, protein, healthy fats, and the ability to suppress hunger. When you are at the food store, read all labels thoroughly and choose foods that are lower in cholesterol, fat, and saturated fat.

After returning home from the food store, it is time to prepare your meal. Here are some tips for making healthy choices in the kitchen. First and foremost, replace your fats. Ingredients such as butter and lard contain an extreme amount of saturated fats. Simply replace them with healthier options such as olive oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, peanut oil, soybean oil or canola oil. If you are planning on frying your food, think again! Boiling, baking, steaming, or roasting makes your food taste just as delicious, except with less harmful effects on your body. You can also create a stirfry by adding broth or canola oil. When handling meats, always make sure to trim the fat or the skin before cooking to avoid extra fat and calories. Some find it easy to spoon off the fat from meat dishes once the fat has hardened from chilling in the refrigerator all day. When making creamy sauces, puddings or soup, always select low-fat milk or skim milk to avoid the fat of whole milk. It is also a good idea to substitute in cottage cheese and low fat yogurts for mayonnaise found in some dips or dressings. In addition, you can use two egg whites rather than one whole egg when adding eggs to recipes because the cholesterol and fat are found in the yolk, not the white part. Furthermore, add lemon juice, spices or herbs to your meals rather than salt, butter or margarine.

Happy cooking!

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