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10 Foods That Relieve Stress


 By: Nakeem Grant

            Stress is something that more or less everyone deals with at some point of their lives. With each person, it occurs differently depending on the situation. Other than meditating and sleeping, you can reduce stress by consuming specific foods and drinks. According to FoodNetwork.com, there are 10 healthy foods that can relieve stress.

            Avocado and banana are great fruits to eat when you’re feeling stressed out. Why these fruits in particular? They both contain high levels potassium which is an important mineral when it comes to keeping your blood pressure low.

            Ginger Tea is a well known remedy for sickness, but it is also quite beneficial for stress relieving purposes. Drinking tea can help to ease the nerves and tension inside your body that ultimately exudes stress.

            Swiss chard is an extremely nutritious vegetable that is another great option for relieving stress. Along with other leaf-like veggies, Swiss chard is filled with magnesium which can balance out cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. Adding this to your dinner plate is definitely a smart and healthy choice.

            If you’re a seafood lover, then fatty fish is the way to go. You can choose from a wide array of fish such as sardines, salmon and tuna which all contain omega-3 fats, a strong nutrient that can keep you cool and relaxed.

            Another popular food that can be eaten for the means of reducing stress is whole-wheat pretzels. With all the fiber, it packs a punch in filling your appetite. The carbohydrates are a great source of energy that tells the brain to release serotonin, a chemical that raises your overall energy.

            Vegetables as explained earlier are great stress-relieving foods. Carrots however stand out as one of the best vegetables to eat when you want to eliminate your stress. Chomping down on crunchy veggies in general fills you with the right amount of nutrients to keep you stress-free.

            Got milk? If you do, then you can check this off as another drink to alleviate stress-like symptoms. The bone-building nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium and B-vitamins can lessen the tension of muscles. Drinking this before bed will ensure rejuvenating sleep.

            Fresh yogurt is a delicious choice if you’re feeling stressed out. As expected, it contains similar nutrients to milk. You can even get creative with this one however by including some of your favorite fruits.

            Almonds, pistachios and walnuts are healthy nuts that can strengthen the immune system and lower stress in the process. Just a handful of nuts can make all the difference in changing your mood for the better.

            Last but not least, dark chocolate is probably the most scrumptious food to eat when you’re feeling stressed out. It is noted by food researchers that it can lower stress hormone levels. With the sugar it contains, it also helps to release the positive mood changing chemical, serotonin. Of course like all of your other foods, it is important to eat chocolate in balanced portions.

            And so there you have it. Ten different healthy foods and drinks that can reduce stress are all generally common foods that can be found at your local food market. Whichever one you decide to choose is all up to your personal preference.

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