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  • There's a new trend online where women are taking different makeup items and applying them 100 times.  There's been 100 layers of nail polish, lipstick and now... foundation!  Watch this transformation and then DON'T do it at home.  Yikes!
  • The internet is buzzing with incredible videos!  
  • Here are the loveable pets featured on-air from North Shore Animal League!
  • Have you tried the Mac and Cheese Cheetos that Burger King just released? A bit nervous too? Well check out what the people over at Buzzfeed thought of it during their taste test!
  • Jimmy Kimmel sent his viewers on another video send in challange- this time, to prank their dad's just in time for Father's Day. His recently aired the best of the best video submissions.  
  • Do you like Carpool Karaoke? Well the Tony Awards came up with their own rendition called Commercial Karaoke! The host, James Corden, asked two willing volunteers to go on stage and sing a broadway themed song for the audience. Who volunteered? Jake Gyllenhaal and Sean Hayes. What did they sing? "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
  • This guy with tape on his face puts on a great mime performance!
  • Hauppauge (WALK) - No arrests yet in a hate crime in Hauppauge Sunday but it turns out the suspect was caught in the act by a security camera.



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