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Intelligence For Your Life

Most people would describe what they feel for their pet as “love,” but do our pets love us back?

'Tis the season for graduations! So here is some advice to new grads from nearly new grads.

Using bad grammar is bad for your career.

We've got good news if you or someone you love is among the 1-in-5 people who’s an only child!

In a word - yes!

I want to fill you in on a new trend that's going on at college campuses across the country.

Does a dog have to have a pedigree to get respect? Nope!

When times are tough, one of the last things people cut corners on is pet care!

We have another worst-case scenario for you. What to do if the elevator you're in suddenly plummets!

One of the most direct routes to your brain is through your NOSE...

If you’re single – and you don’t want to stay that way - here’s some expert advice for finding a keeper.

Most dogs love to swim. But don’t let your dog dive into water that has a layer of algae on top because most algae produces toxins that are harmful to pets. How can you tell if your “swimmer dog” has been exposed to algae toxins?

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the most dangerous time of the year for teens to be on the road.

Don't worry if your pet isn't Lassie, because simply owning an animal is exactly what the doctor ordered.

So it's time to get a puppy! Here's what you should know before you spend the money on a dog.

You’ve probably seen this – or maybe even done this yourself. You stop by a café or a mini-mart, and there’s a customer’s dog tied up outside...

We’ll tell you how to create your own personal cancer-prevention plan.

Young children ask their parents a question every four minutes. Here's why kids under age 10 are unlikely to ask Google, and highly likely to ask Mom.

Attention, dog owners! Would you spend a quarter of a million dollars for a dog?

We know the vast majority of pet owners love their pets like members of the family...

Well, here's what your pet choice says about your personality...

It's time for some life lessons - but these are things you can learn from your pets:

What happens in late summer? Animal shelters across North America start overflowing with rabbits.

But what about love at first sniff?

Have you ever wondered why dog do what they do? Here are your answers...