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Intelligence For Your Life

The plastic surgeon will see your dog now.

It’s getting harder these days to be a guide dog.

Get ready to plan your summer vacation, because not taking time off will cost you big time.

35% of couples get married during the summer...

If you’re a lot crankier than usual these days, you can blame it on the heat wave!

We’ll explain the importance of keeping your pet safe from heat stroke and how to protect them on your next airplane ride.

We'll tell you three things you can do to cut your pet's risk of getting cancer and help keep them healthy.

Veterinarians say our dogs have a reason and a purpose behind their actions and they stem from their wolf ancestors.

It’s hard enough for adults to wrap their heads around tragedies like natural disasters, shootings and terrorism, but what about kids?

More and more animal experts are starting to believe that animals share some of the same emotions as people - like grief, pain, and joy.

We’re always talking about how you can figure out what someone’s thinking by paying attention to their body language.

In this corner: The Dog. In the other corner: The Cat. So, who do you think will win the “Smartest Pet in the Room”…

The latest victims of the obesity epidemic aren’t people they’re horses!

Why are pet owners buying phony tags, vests, and I-D cards? They're using the fake credentials to bring their pets into places that don’t allow animals. Should businesses ask for proof these therapy pets are legit?

Ladies, don’t tell the man in your life you really care - show him that you do! We’ve got five suggestions that will let him know exactly how you feel.

These days, we’ll buy just about any food that uses the buzzword protein. As in, high-protein shakes, and snack bars, or beef jerky that has “22 grams of protein!” right across the front of the package.

People use a lot of quick fixes to fall asleep these days.

Hey, new grads - no matter what your commencement speaker said, there are some real-world truths they probably left out.

It’s not your imagination: Summer colds are worse.

The next time you're standing in the sunscreen aisle trying to decide the best way to cancer-proof your summer...

What’s the best way to tell if your date is a keeper?

Dreading going to work is one thing, but when the anxiety about your job gets too high, it's time to find another one. Here's how to know when it's time to find a new job.

Dogs don't cope well when they’re left home alone for long periods of time, and a documentary, called “Home Alone Dogs,” proves it. What can help?

Most people would describe what they feel for their pet as “love,” but do our pets love us back?

'Tis the season for graduations! So here is some advice to new grads from nearly new grads.