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Intelligence For Your Life

Whether you get a fancy piece of jewelry or a gadget you'll never learn to use, find out what his gift reveals about his feelings for you.

Here’s why you should wear red on your next date: Because it makes you more attractive!

From finally achieving our goals to figuring out the right things to say in certain situations, we’ve got the best advice to change your life for the better.

Time to put on your favorite sneakers, and take a nice long walk with your cat.

We’ll explain the importance of keeping your pet safe from heat stroke and how to protect them on your next airplane ride.

The common wisdom is that job-seekers should send a handwritten thank-you note after a job interview because it shows follow through and determination.

It’s nothing like the bird flu – humans can’t get it. But your dog may be at risk.

We found some of the most common reasons we get tired - and how to fix them, so you can feel more refreshed.

We’ll tell you why the plastic ball or chew toy your dog is gnawing on could make them sick and how to keep them safe.

Here are a few tips from several marriage and family experts.

Love me. Love my cat. That's the mantra of women everywhere.

Why are some goals so hard to keep?

Yes, your dog does smile and laugh… and your cat does know when you've had a bad day. We'll share the science behind animal emotions.

Find out why experts say sharing your zip code isn’t always the best idea and what it could mean for your wallet!

Our own Betsy Chase explains how her go-to Halloween costumes have changed over the years and why she's got a soft spot for a kid with a costume that's homemade.

Our own Betsy Chase reveals her struggle with weight and the lifestyle changes she's made to stay healthy.

Who says getting married, having kids and buying a house with a white picket fence is every girl’s dream? Our own Betsy Chase explains how the dream can be different for everyone.

Betsy Chase shares the story of how a dog named Star came into her life and changed it forever.

Our own Betsy Chase reveals her most embarrassing moment as a kid and what it taught her!

Are the people who've been through a divorce the best ones to dole out advice about relationships or is that just a myth? Our own Betsy Chase helps us find out.

Our own Betsy Chase lets us in on her shopping secrets - and explains why she’s prone to buy more during the holiday season.

Our own Betsy Chase explains why having a sister is so wonderful – and how science proves sisters are good for your mental health!

Our own Betsy Chase explains how a handshake says a lot about you and even gives a few pointers on how to deliver a perfect one.

Our phones may be giving us motion sickness! Find out why experts say the problem’s getting worse, and what we can do to avoid it.

With a growing number of schools educating teachers how to confront, and even attack, potential shooters, we explore whether experts think the trend will actually make kids safer.