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Intelligence For Your Life

Does your pet look like they're ready to pass out from heat exhaustion?

The obesity epidemic isn’t just a human problem. It’s an epidemic among our pets too.

Summertime means more time outside - for you and...bugs.

If you have to go to the hospital, know this: About one in 20 patients contract infections during their stay, and 31,000 patients die from those infections every year.

What if we could measure our happiness as easily as we measure body temperature, or the stock market?

Science now has proof that heat waves can drive us crazy.

Dogs are everything from loyal to playful – find out how adopting their habits can help us build a better relationship.

Last year, North Americans spent over $40-BILLION on their pets!

Here’s what the latest science shows, according to Sheril Kirshenbaum, who wrote the book The Science of Kissing.

It’s no secret that we spend more money at the grocery store when we shop hungry. But hitting the supermarket on an empty stomach also expands our waistline.

Don't let your pets leave food all over the floor or chew everything but their toys! We'll tell you how to make sure they behave!

You've finally met "The One." Congratulations! What do you do if your pet hates the love of your life?

Ever get the feeling you have the smartest dog in the room? just might!

We told you recently how cats manipulate us with a certain type of "meow"...

If you take any kind of medicine – from aspirin to Zoloft - keep it away from your pets!

Think motion sickness is annoying in a car, or on a boat? Imagine getting sick in space!

What you see may not be what you get! That’s because a growing number of people are airbrushing their online profile pictures, whether they’re on Facebook or a dating website. So, should you airbrush yourself to perfection?

Dieting isn’t just for chicks. A lot of men want weight loss help too. When a guy wants to “get in shape,” how does he go about it?

If you're stressed out, then there's a good chance your dog or cat is, too!

Do you suffer from summer headaches? It could be because of the heat.

Whether you've got empty water bottles everywhere or you're the type to have something hanging from your rear view mirror, find out all that stuff in your car says about you!

Expert advice from best-selling author and psychologist, Wayne Dyer.

One tasty, heart shaped food can fight everything from cancer to heart disease. Find out what we should be adding to our diet to stay healthy and live a longer life.

The plastic surgeon will see your dog now.

It’s getting harder these days to be a guide dog.