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Intelligence For Your Life

Even if you spoil your pet like crazy, you'd be crazy not to want a well-trained companion.

We'll tell you which comfort foods to stay away from this season to avoid packing on extra pounds.

Even with a solid partnership, experts say there are some habits that can destroy it. We’ll tell you what to look for and how to keep things from going downhill.

The latest victims of the obesity epidemic aren’t people they’re horses!

Fall’s a great time for your health!

There are times when being nice will help you get what you want in life, but if you’re too nice, people will take advantage of you!

Here’s a short-course in decoding first date conversation - and spotting the red flags that signal trouble’s ahead.

You're thinking maybe this could finally be The One. Well, here are some ways to find out whether your date has lasting love potential.

Would you be shocked to learn that your neighbor had a pet tiger?

So what's the best way for an unarmed person to fend off aggressive wolves?

It may be time to ditch your pet’s dog bowl and instead get them an interactive feeder.

The words we use can convey confidence, depression, or even a crisis! Find out which words speak volumes about your personality!

What do avid football fans hate more than anything?

Studies show that about 6 percent of people are vegetarians. But how many pets have sworn off meat?

We love our pets to pieces and when they’re sick or injured, we want to do everything we can to make them better.

Here and now we have the science of love. This is what the latest research tells us about some of the mysteries of love and romance:

What’s the secret to happiness? According to a survey, it’s working close to home.

Remember when bullies used to steal lunch money? Now even schoolyard bullying has gone high tech.

Get ready ladies. We’re going to boldly go where no radio show has gone before. Inside the male brain!

Cluttered or neat? Pictures everywhere or sparsely decorated? We'll tell you what your place says about your personality.

Whether it’s a trip to the mall, the grocery store or your favorite theme park, there’s an ideal time to go.

What’s the latest trend in hotel perks? It’s not plush mattresses or comfy slippers...

Wheelchairs for the disabled!

I have the pet to human translation so you’ll know when Whiskers is confused, scared, or even when he finds something funny!

Last year was a tough one for pets on airplanes.