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Intelligence For Your Life

Do you have a hamster in your home? Or a pet mouse? If so, you'll want to be extra careful.

Which is why 70-percent of cats at rescue shelters are black.

Find out why certain schools across the country are scrapping Halloween this year and how it has upset both parents and kids.

Discover the reasons why Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday behind Christmas.

Many cats and dogs suffer from anxiety when it comes to fireworks and thunderstorms, but here's how you can help your pet.

We love to pamper our pets. Last year, North Americans spent almost $50 million on our furry friends – double what we spent just a decade ago.

When a dog is on the street alone, we assume something’s wrong. After all, why would a dog wander around without its owner?

Would you accept a Facebook friend request from your future employer?

We’re losing the art of offline dating.

You need to be healthy first! We’ll tell you why experts say your bad habits can rub off on your pets and impact their quality of life.

Here’s the latest trend in weddings – having a furry best man, ring bearer, or a very hairy bouquet.

How do you get away with stealing a truck-load of pigs?

The hottest new pets are seahorses. Thanks to new breeding techniques, a growing number of people are raising seahorses at home these days!

Would you take relationship advice from a HORSE? Believe it or not, it’s the latest therapy trend.

Even if you spoil your pet like crazy, you'd be crazy not to want a well-trained companion.

We'll tell you which comfort foods to stay away from this season to avoid packing on extra pounds.

Even with a solid partnership, experts say there are some habits that can destroy it. We’ll tell you what to look for and how to keep things from going downhill.

The latest victims of the obesity epidemic aren’t people they’re horses!

Fall’s a great time for your health!

There are times when being nice will help you get what you want in life, but if you’re too nice, people will take advantage of you!

Here’s a short-course in decoding first date conversation - and spotting the red flags that signal trouble’s ahead.

You're thinking maybe this could finally be The One. Well, here are some ways to find out whether your date has lasting love potential.

Would you be shocked to learn that your neighbor had a pet tiger?

So what's the best way for an unarmed person to fend off aggressive wolves?

It may be time to ditch your pet’s dog bowl and instead get them an interactive feeder.