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How To Dip A Chip Without Breaking It

Posted By: Jon Daniels · 5/27/2013 2:31:00 PM

Serving, or eating, chips & dip this weekend?  Don't you just hate when you dip the chip and it breaks-off into the bowl?'ve been doing it wrong!  How do we know?  We've asked a structural engineer, who's given us four points to consider, to avoid breaking chips in the dip:

1. Most tortilla chips are triangle-shaped, and we hold the chip by one point, and dip the long edge of the chip like a shovel--that's wrong!

2. Why do we do it that way?  So we can scoop more dip.  But, it ends-up putting too much weight on the point of the chip where you're holding it, and it snaps.

3. Instead, you should hold the chip along the edge, and dip one point.  You can get just as much dip this way, without it breaking.

4. Finally, use chips that are harder to break.  Look for chips that are curled, or as engineers would call it, chips that are a "bent, undulating chip."  That creates an arch, which is the strongest support structure.

So...does it work? Please let me know the delicious results of your test!

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