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K-98.3 Wedding of a Lifetime

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K-98.3 is Giving Away the Wedding of a Lifetime!

We're looking for engaged couples to win an elegant affair at Carlyle On The Green at Bethpage State Park. Treat your family and friends to a first class dining experience as you create your perfect storybook beginning...

Plus you'll get limo, gown, hair, make-up and so much more!

Vote on your favorite couple below to help them win The K-98.3 Wedding of a Lifetime!

Brittany & Robert

In 2009, Bobby and Brittany both worked at Whole Foods Market. Brittany was the supervisor and Bobby thought she was mean! After being transferred to a different location, then back again, they began dating in 2011. They believe his transfer back to Brittany's store was meant to be. After they had been dating, they planned a trip to Aruba where Bobby planned to propose. A few weeks before their trip they found out they were pregnant! With the new life they were bringing into the world they decided to cancel their trip and save money. He popped the question anyway and she said yes!
Jennifer & Matthew

Matthew and Jennifer met online and had their first date at Vittorio's in Amityville. They have been dating for 3.5 years and just got engaged in Decmeber 2016. In May of 2016, Matthew had a Cancer scare and they are now keeping a close eye on that. Matthew is one of New York's finest (NYPD). He works in one of the most dangerous parts of NYC and his fiancée Jennifer is a high risk labor and delivery nurse at one of the largest hospitals on Long Island. They are always looking to help others.
Heather & Antonio

Heather met Antonio in 2009 while attending a bingo party at Antonio's parent house with a friend. Antonio thought Heather was pretty and asked her friend about her. Heather was in a relationship at the time, but that ended soon after. They began talking on the phone and in 2011 began dating. In 2014 Antonio proposed on Valentine's Day. After trying to plan a wedding Heather found out they were having a baby and planning for the wedding was put on hold. Early 2015 the couple's baby boy was born but he had health issues and spent time in NICU. The couple continues to struggle with many specialist and therapy appointments for their son. They would love to get married but due to this is hasn't been financially possible.
Annesa & Kevin

Annesa and Kevin met in High School, they are the classic high school sweethearts. After graduating high school, these two built an everlasting friendship and finally pursued a relationship in 2006. They had their ups and downs and decided to separate, however, the spark, the chemistry, the passionate love they share for each other never faded and in 2014 after seeing Aladdin they decided to make their relationship official again. Kevin proposed to Annesa in December 2016, their proposal was a dream come true. In brief, Kevin planned with her best friends, siblings and families a day filled with memorable moments. He sent Annesa off on a scavenger hunt and many of the clues led her through memory lane which eventually led up to the grand finale of his proposal. It was on the stage at Aladdin on Broadway that he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. It was the most magical moment in their lives.
Marsha & Steven

On a summer night in 2013, Both Marsha and Steven were out at Kasey's in Rockville Centre. Marsha was out on the dance floor when Steven approached her doing his "shoulder dance". Steven isn't one to go up to girls and start dancing with them, but he said the way the light was shining on her and the happiness on her face made him feel the need to approach her. When Marsha's mom came home from vacation, she was excited to tell her about the guy she had met. Her mom exclaimed "that's my coworker Elaine's son she wanted to set you guys up on a date years ago " though Marsha brushed it off thinking there was no way her mom was right. A few months later, it was revealed that he really is Elaine's son! When Marsha called her mom to tell her, her mom responded with "this isn't news to me I told you so"
Taylor & Jason

Taylor and Jason have been together for almost 6 years. They met at culinary school in 2011 while they were both students. He is a chef and she is a pastry chef! They've had many ups and downs from going away to school, to a house fire, losing one of their beloved ferrets to Cancer, but no matter what life throws at them their relationship remains strong.
Kristen & Philip

Kristen's friends will tell you she spent too many years with guys who didn't appreciate her but it didn't stop her from being positive and moving forward. When she met Phil on a dating site, she didn't divulge too much information to her friends which is how they knew she really liked him. Once it was official, her friends got to meet him and they could tell he was it for her. The way they complimented each other's ridiculous sense of humor, it was clear. They moved in together rather quickly and this past Christmas Eve, Phil dressed up as Santa Claus and proposed to Kristen in front of his entire family.
Bernadette & Jacob

Together, Bern and Jake are the perfect meeting of two traditional old souls meant to find each other. They are so young at heart you can't help but feel childlike around them. A majority of their dates have revolved around PG movies and trips to the zoo. They create quite the paradox considering how they met. Bernadette was a volunteer EMT for her local fire department and Jake is a volunteer firefighter. Six years ago, they both responded to a man having chest pain. This poor man had to have an issue with his heart to pull their two hearts together. Fortunately, that patient made a recover (Jake ran into him a year later) and Bern and Jake haven't been apart since.
Olga & Joey

Olga, a Long Island native, and Joseph, a Jersey boy both completed medical school at St. George University in Grenada, West Indies. However, it was only 2 years ago when they first met while working as medical residents at Stonybrook University Hospital. It was love at first sight! Joseph recently proposed at the Metropolitan Museum. The two lovebirds are looking to marry one another and start their beautiful lives together as a wonderful couple and start a beautiful family together.
Elizabeth & Ryan

Ryan and Elizabeth lived across the street from each other when they were kids. Ryan became best friends with Liz's brother and they stayed friends after Ryan moved away. Coincidentally, Liz was also friends with one of Ryan's cousins. They took family vacations together and it was always clear that there was a spark between them. They became official when Elizabeth turned 18 and have been together ever since! They love their son Liam and their families are looking forward to seeing them get married.
Rachelle & Jonny

Jonny and Rachelle met through mutual friends through a series of fortunate events! More than 5 years ago, Rachelle met up with her cousin from Staten Island and a friend at Jeremy's Ale House in South Street Seaport for happy hour. When Rachelle finally arrived, she surprisingly saw two of her girlfriends from college next to her cousin's table, and they were surrounded by a group of guys (Jonny was one of them). They all said their hellos and combined parties, and before you know it, people were ready to check out to another spot to continue the young night. Her first impression of Jonny? RUDE. It was getting late and she had heels on so she was hesitant to stay out.

Seeing Jonny next to her, she coyly asked him, "What are you going to say to convince me to go out with you guys?"

He nonchalantly replies- "I'm not going to tell you anything. If you wanna go, go!"

So she walked- over 1 mile (in her heels) with the group, they all drank and danced the rest of the night. She eventually went back home to Long Island., but not before Jonny asked for her number to "make sure you get home okay...."

Their lives have not been the same since that night, and she would never imagine his rude response would lead to another question over 5 years later, with the answer saying "Yes" as she ugly-cried at the NY Botanical Gardens with a romantic surprise proposal. Since they will be paying for this entire wedding by themselves (he works in law enforcement and she works for a community health center), their hope is to have a dream wedding with their loved ones without having to break into their savings!
Cristina & Derek

Derek and Cristina worked for the same company at different locations. They met at a work training that each was originally scheduled to attend on different dates. However, Cristina got sick at the very last minute and her training had to be rescheduled with Derek’s group. During training, Cristina kept running into Derek since the moment she arrived and eventually became friendly with him. During breaks they found that the 15 minutes felt as if it were seconds and as they would re-enter class they both would have a slight smile that would remain until class ended. On the last day of training Derek walked Cristina to the car and asked for her phone number to study together for the big test. Cristina agreed thinking nothing of it. After few days, Cristina met Derek bringing textbooks to study, however, Derek brought no textbooks and just wanted to walk around and get to know her. They have been together ever since, it will be 6 years soon and they cannot wait to spend the rest of their days together.
Stephanie & Chris

Stephanie has a bubbly and vivacious personality. She thinks about others than herself and always smiling. Chris on the other hand has a more of a laid back personality. Always cracking jokes to make others laugh. Stephanie and Chris met a their place of employment. Stephanie worked upstairs as a administrative assistant and Chris worked downstairs in the parts department. Stephanie would occasionally say "hi" to Chris and his co-workers when she went downstairs. One day Chris finally got the courage to asked Stephanie out as a friend but she said "no", because she had just gotten out of a ten year relationship and was still heartbroken about it. Chris graciously said "no problem" and went about his day Stephanie didn't want to lead Chris on and hurt him while she was in the process of healing. A few weeks later Chris asked Stephanie what time she was leaving work and if she lived in the area. Stephanie answered without even thinking anything of it. Chris left work at 5 that afternoon and waited on Stephanie an whole hour for her to get off work. When Stephanie came downstairs and saw Chris waiting on her, she was mortified and smitten at the same time. He asked her "if she needed a ride home?" She said "yes" and "thank you". He drove her home and they sat in the car, and talked for about three an a half hours. After that they started to talk to each other a little more often. A few more weeks past and Chris drove Stephanie home again. They sat in the car and talked for hours. This went on for a short while. One day when Chris, Stephanie and Stephanie's daughter whose name is Christina was hanging out. Christina secretly asked Chris "if he was going to marry her mommy". Now that was a sign. They took the friends route and that slowly blossomed into love. Chris asked her out to dinner again as friends and she said "yes". The night they went out to dinner Chris said " that was the night he fell in love with my sister and he was going to marry her one day". They also had their first kiss that night and it was the perfect kiss. They have been inseparable since then. They have been talking about have a wedding but it is very expensive to have one. So, here I am trying to make their dream a reality by giving them a wedding. They have been dating about one year and four months.They are not married. I would love for my sister and my brother-in-law to win this Wedding of a Lifetime contest. They have gone through some rough patches in terms of bad relationships, and to see the love that they have for each other is unbelievable. Chris loves Stephanie's daughter as if she was his biological child. They are like two peas in a pod. My sister confessed to me that she was not going to give Chris a chance, but she is glad that she did, because she cant see her life without him. I know this sounds cliché but they finish each other sentences. They make each other happy. They are a happy family and this wedding would be the icing on the cake. Their love made me believe in love again and soul-mates.

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