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K-98.3 Wedding of a Lifetime

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K-98.3 is Giving Away the Wedding of a Lifetime!

We're looking for one of these engaged couples to win an elegant affair at Windows on the Lake's Beach Club Estate on Lake Ronkonkoma. Treat their family and friends to a first class dining experience as you create your perfect storybook beginning...

Plus they'll get limo, gown, hair, make-up and so much more!

Vote on your favorite couple below to help them win The K-98.3 Wedding of a Lifetime!

Anella & Domenico

They’ve been dating for two years now, and met through mutual friends. They are currently engaged to be married.
Santina & Donald

Santina and Donald met in 1983 while both in Junior High school and were friends though out school. After high school, they both lost touch until 5 years ago when they became Facebook friends and started reconnecting. They started dating last year, and Donald proposed to Santina on the beach in Mexico this past January.
Lauren & Tommy

Lauren and Tommy met through a mutual friend 3 years ago and immediately fell in love in June 2012. Early in their relationship, the couple’s home in Freeport was devastated by Super Storm Sandy. A few months later, Lauren was diagnosed with Leukemia. The financial burden from both the hurricane and the medical bills have put a hold on beginning their life together. Tommy never left her side as he knew Lauren was his one true love. They got engaged in June 2014.
Michelle & David

Michelle and David met 7 years ago, when they bumped into each other while lost in the school where they were both aspiring teachers. After speaking a few times that day/week, they decided to make a date but had to wait 2 weeks for Michelle to come back from vacation before finally going out. Since that first date, they’ve been together ever since. They got engaged this past Valentine’s Day, but have had some financial hardships and job losses on the way to tying the knot.
Heather & Mike

Heather & Mike have been dating for 4 years and recently got engaged at their own “Ugly Sweater Party” this past December, with both families present. They met while playing in a co-ed softball league, and are looking to get married in August 2016.
Lindesey & Alexander

They met in high school and have been dating for 8 years. The mother of the groom would like to hand her son over to Lindsey so she could rest easy knowing that they’re both in good hands.
Lisa & Anthony

Lisa and Anthony met in middle school and drifted apart until after graduation when Lisa was in a severe car accident, and they began to reconnect. They’ve been together for 7 years and are finally set to be married in October 2016
Valerie & Paul

Valerie has dedicated the last few years to caring for her father who she recently lost to cancer, and now cares for her mother who had suffered a stroke and has had multiple seizures and dementia since her father’s passing. Valerie and Paul met through an online dating website, and it quickly turned into a friendship. After two years of friendship they realized this past holiday season that they are deeply in love and want to spend their life together
Nicole & Brian

Nicole and Brian have been dating for almost 10 years, and got engaged in November 2014. They both work hard but after paying for college and saving for a house, there is not enough left to plan a wedding. Unfortunately, both have single moms that cannot financially help them with their wedding. They have many supportive family and friends that would love to celebrate their marriage, and feel that they deserve the K-98.3 Wedding of a Lifetime Giveaway.
Laura & Christina

Laura and Christina met during high school through a mutual friend over 4 years ago and have been dating for over 2 years. They got engaged in early August and are excited to start planning they’re wedding. Anxious to be surrounded by friends and family when they do get married, but they’re struggling to make their wedding dreams come true.
Carolyn & Kurt

Carolyn has been a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT for 18 years. Kurt, an accountant, saw Carolyn saving a life and couldn't resist a woman in uniform. Kurt asked Carolyn for her number and they have been together ever since.
Julianna & Ellery

Julianna and Ellery met in the Air Force 4 years ago during their First Term Airman Course and it was love at first sight. Ellery proposed a year ago, and was then given orders for a 7 month deployment overseas. With their hectic careers, it has been difficult for them to plan a wedding, and this would be a great opportunity for them.

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