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Leeana's List Of Things She Talked About

Stuck On Homework? Go The Rat Route!

Posted By: Leeana · 7/19/2012 1:46:00 PM

Before you call an exterminator or put down traps, consider this:  rats are good for something!  If you've been considering getting a pet this summer, you may want to look in to the often pesky little rodent.  Why?  A new study shows a link between having one and a significant increase in performance on school assignments for kids! So, how significant is "significant?"  Owners of pet rats saw a 92% rate of improvement! 

If you want to spike your kids creativity and just can't tolerate going the rat route, consider a soft little chinchilla.  Still not feeling it?  You can opt for the traditional dog or cat, which showed an 83% improvement.  I guess it's really up to you how well you want your child do in school... ;)

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