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Leeana's List Of Things She Talked About

There's A Reason Rose Didn't Move Over

Posted By: Leeana · 9/14/2012 7:07:00 AM

Titanic was an epic film.  I think I saw it twice in theaters and the part that got me each time was for the wrong reason.  While everyone else around me was shedding a tear I was perplexed over one thing:  Why didn't Rose let Jack on the plank with her?  HE COULD HAVE LIVED!  I thought she was selfish, but it turns out if she let Jack on with her (which, technically there WAS plenty of room for): they BOTH would have sunk.

Someone is stepping in to help director James Cameron defend the ending to his movie once and for all!  The guys from the show "Mythbusters" are recreating the dramatic scene to prove that a little thing called "buoyancy" would have failed, dumping both characters in to the water to die of hypothermia.

Now THAT would have made me cry...

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