Lucky The Duck - K-98.3 Long Island - Music That Makes You Feel Good!

Lucky The Duck

Lucky the Duck was born on the outskirts of Shelter Island many years ago. His parents accidentally left him behind when the winter was arriving, and Lucky was left to fend for himself. Discovered by a farmer who was fishing in the waters of Shelter Island, he noticed the duck's unusual pink color, and realizing how special this duck was, took him to his farm as a token of good fortune. The farmer named the duck Lucky. Over the years, the farmer's crops would grow beyond his wildest dreams. He was able to make a lot of money, and sell the farm to a family of farmers who moved from Ohio. Not wanting to abandon Lucky, the farmer asked his son, who had become a disc jockey at WKJY, if the station needed any help. The son, who always had a fond spot in his heart for Lucky, started taking him to station appearances. When the son and K-98.3 management noticed how well Lucky worked the crowd, they knew that this special duck, found on the shores of Shelter Island years ago by the DJ's family, would be their official mascot. So, the staff had a vest tailored to Lucky's liking (because you can't have a naked duck walking around town handing out prizes) and gave him a K-98.3 hat. Ever since Lucky donned his K-98.3 uniform well over 10 years ago, thousands of families have been the recipients of Lucky's warm persona, and don't be shy to ask him for a photo when you see him. Even though he is a duck, he's become a real ham for the cameras!