Try THIS With Your Girl Scout Cookies!

A troop leader friend of ours passed this along and we wanted to share how to perfectly pair your Girl Scout cookies with... wine!

Trefoil: Start with a sparkling wine.  It cuts through the buttery taste in the shortbread. You'll get crisp, apple, lemon-zesty flavors and brioche notes in Champagne that compliment shortbread.

Thin Mint:  Pair it with shiraz or a syrah.  They complement the chocolate notes and play well with the minty characteristic.

Samoa: Think dessert wine.  Dessert wines have strong acidity that can cut through that rich coconut and caramel complexity. 

Tagalongs: Pair with a sweet wine like a dry tawny port or petite syrah.  Ports generally have soft, caramel flavors, and that would be great to pair with the richness of the peanut butter.