$ave The Most Money With Secret Price Tag Codes

On and endless search for the best deal?  Learn how to read the price tag codes at Costco for even MORE savings!

The key to the code is not the dollars but the cents.  Those last two digits of the price tell you everything.  A price ending in .99 is much different than one ending in .97 or .49. 

Price ending in .99 – the product is full price. It still may be a good deal though, this is Costco after all.

Price ending in .97 – a deal decided by the manager. Usually this is a special price you’re not going to find again. Once it’s gone it’s gone. These can be some great deals.

Price ending in .49 or .79 – manufacturer’s special.  This is a product the manufacturer is testing out at Costco, usually at a lower price than Costco would sell the item at.

A price tag with an asterisk – it’s discounted and done.  Be on the lookout for price tags with an asterisk. This means the product is discontinued. A combination of a .97 and an asterisk means you are getting a last chance good deal.

Happy saving!