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  • Caught In The Act: Cats & Christmas Trees!

    We love our furry felines and their perpetual curiosity.  We love it, except for ONE time of the year... the holidays!  We smell the fresh scent of pine needles on a Christmas Tree and cats, well, maybe it smells like catnip to them becasue they go CRAZY!  Watch this video of cats caught in the act or attacking the Christmas Tree!
      Read More
  • Makeup Genius Really Is GENIUS!

    We have a fun find for you!  It's an app that allows you to apply makeup in real time!  Makeup Genius is free for Apple devices and scans your face so you can try out different shades of eye shadow, blush, lipstick and more!  You pick the color, then it applies it to your face as you're looking in to your devices camera!  Cool!

    Here's Steve trying it out and then Leeana and Steve wearing the "same look."  Read More
  • Could You Quit Your Job And Just Facebook All Day Long?

    Are you constantly on facebook?  What if you could get paid for all those "likes," shares and posts you make?  Check out this new app that calculates your facebook worth and see how much value is put on your social media efforts! Read More
  • Candy & Cocktails - Adult Halloween Treats

    Halloween's almost here and that means... CANDY!  Put your (kid's) confections to good use by pairing them with these cocktails for a Halloween that's frightfully fun!

    Here are some ideas to get you started, courtesy of Anthony Caporale, a brand ambassador for Drambuie Read More
  • You Could be Sitting On Thousands Of Dollars!

    Do you tend to hold on to things?  Has someone busted your chops saying you should get rid of your old things... well get ready to have the last laugh!  We've got a list of 10 items that could be worth THOUSANDS of dollars!   Read More

Leeana's Juicy Gossip

  • Justin Bieber Is Melting Down In More Than One Way

    Justin Bieber’s meltdown caused him to get the boot from a New York City tourist destination:  Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum.  Well not the “real” Justin, but his wax look-a-like.  After years of being groped and photographed the wax figure of the singer when he was younger (and more innocent) is beyond restoration and is being removed.  Read More
  • Three Words, Ladies: Magic Mike 2

    Valentine’s Day has come early for us ladies…  Magic Mike 2 is happening!  Despite describing himself as “fappy…” (fat and happy), Channing Tatum announced on Instagram that he’s penning a sexy sequel.  We’re assuming Matthew McCaughey will be in it again because Channing is writing in front of a bust statue of Matthew. Read More
  • The Brown Paper Bag Is The Red Carpet’s Newest Trend!

    The “X Factor” has been given the axe after three seasons.  The singing competition show never met the expectations that judge Simon Cowell had and Fox has cancelled it.  Simon will be heading back to the U.K. where he’ll return to the British “X Factor.”

    We’ve got a red carpet fashion trend alert:  the brown paper bag!  Actor Shia LaBeouf sported one over his head, with the eyes cut out, while he was promoting his new movie “Nymphomaniac” in Germany. Read More

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