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  • Watch What This Girl Does To Her Face!

    There's a new trend online where women are taking different makeup items and applying them 100 times.  There's been 100 layers of nail polish, lipstick and now... foundation!  Watch this transformation and then DON'T do it at home.  Yikes! Read More
  • Must See Monday Videos!

    The internet is buzzing with incredible videos!   Read More
  • *This* Has Leeana All Hot & Bothered!

    If you listen to Steve & I, I've been saying for *years* how delicious Alexander Skarsgard is.  Well, wait until you see him as, what peope are saying is, the sexiest king of the jungle in the new movie The Legend of Tarzan!  I caught a trailer on TV the other night and was left a little hot & bothered by how shirt-less and ab-full he was and needles to say, I can't WAIT to see him, I mean the movie, on the big screen July 1st! Read More
  • See Steve & Leeana's Shower Pic

    There's a HUGE new trend of celebs posing in towels and it's taking over the internet so we were inspired to get in on the fun! Read More
  • Cat Tongue Brush - Cute or Creepy?

    Your cat can give YOU kisses and groom YOU and now, thanks to a new invention, you can "lick" them right back!  The "Licki Brush" is just a prototype right now, but could soon become the purr-fect present for the cat lover in your life... or not. Read More

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