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  • The Key To Finding True Love Is In These Questions!

    Looking for love?  Connect with a stranger and ask this set of questions.  The theory behind them is that by the end of 36 questions, you could fall in love!  Here are a few sample questions:

    When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else? Read More
  • Is This List For A Dog Ridiculous?

    Leeana's leaving the love of her life this weekend... no, not her husband, her dog, Libby!  Take a look at the "instructions" she has prepared for the pet sitter!   Read More
  • DIY Backyard Ice Skating Rink

    If you've got the space and $150 you could have your very own ice skating rink!  Follow these easy steps we found to create hours of outdoor winter fun for you and your family!

     Credit: Yahoo/Jerry Wade Read More
  • Lose 3lbs. In 5 Days

    It's a new year and we're all looking for a way to drop a couple holiday pounds.  Have you heard of the Magic Bullet?  We keep seeing it but don't know if it works.  Listener Alissa from Bay Shore called in and says she just started using it and has lost 3lbs. in 5 days!  Her recipe includes: bananas, strawberries, spinach, almonds, vanilla almond milk and chia seeds.  Read More
  • Cute Video Alert: Slippin' Swine!

    We saw our first snow of the season yesterday and it's left us with some slick conditions.  Don't feel bad if you have trouble staying steady on your feet, this little piglet does, too!

      Read More

Leeana's Juicy Gossip

  • Justin Bieber Is Melting Down In More Than One Way

    Justin Bieber’s meltdown caused him to get the boot from a New York City tourist destination:  Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum.  Well not the “real” Justin, but his wax look-a-like.  After years of being groped and photographed the wax figure of the singer when he was younger (and more innocent) is beyond restoration and is being removed.  Read More
  • Three Words, Ladies: Magic Mike 2

    Valentine’s Day has come early for us ladies…  Magic Mike 2 is happening!  Despite describing himself as “fappy…” (fat and happy), Channing Tatum announced on Instagram that he’s penning a sexy sequel.  We’re assuming Matthew McCaughey will be in it again because Channing is writing in front of a bust statue of Matthew. Read More
  • The Brown Paper Bag Is The Red Carpet’s Newest Trend!

    The “X Factor” has been given the axe after three seasons.  The singing competition show never met the expectations that judge Simon Cowell had and Fox has cancelled it.  Simon will be heading back to the U.K. where he’ll return to the British “X Factor.”

    We’ve got a red carpet fashion trend alert:  the brown paper bag!  Actor Shia LaBeouf sported one over his head, with the eyes cut out, while he was promoting his new movie “Nymphomaniac” in Germany. Read More

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