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What's Your Sleep-oscope?


Read your “Sleep-oscope” Here to see what your favorite position reveals about you!

-Fetal: You are conscientious, ordered and like things in their place. You also tend to over-think problems and worry unnecessarily.

-Log (with a straight body and limbs at the sides): You’re inflexible and rigid in your thinking. You may also appear bossy to others.

-Yearner (sleeping with arms stretched out above you/in front of you): This means you want more from life and are willing to “go out there and get it with both hands”, eager to face the next day. You can also be your own worst critic.

-Freefallers (sleeping face down with their arms outstretched): You’re described as being sociable and brash, though inwardly nervous and often sensitive to criticism. You also feel a lack of control.

-Soldier (lying on your back with both arms straight at your sides): You set high expectations for yourself and others. You also tend to be quiet and reserved.

-Starfish (Starfish sleepers lie on their backs with legs sprawled and arms stretched up near the head): You make friendship a priority and like to listen to the problems of others. You also like to go out of your way to help others in need.

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