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Steve Harper

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  Steve was born in Mineola, and has been a Long Islander ever since. Along with K-98.3, his voice can be heard around the world on many radio and television commercials as well nationally syndicated shows. He’s got 3 kids and a wonderful wife. And three cats, all adopted from shelters. And he’s a morning person! Wake up with Steve on K-98.3!
9 things you may not know about Steve:

  • Steve can walk on his toes. Picture Fred Flintstone Bowling!

  • At age 17, Steve became the youngest major-market drive time announcer ever in the country.

  • He’s often told he looks like Sting or the lead singer of the band Radiohead.

  • He almost became a syndicated cartoonist. Look out Peanuts!

  • Steve has a twin sister named Laura.

  • Maria Carey, New Kids On The Block and Psychic John Edward: Steve was the first to bring them to radio.

  • Ask him about Nitrogen and Phosphate. That’s the stuff in fertilizer. He’s a fanatic about his lawn.

  • He’s got a mini me. People say he and his 6 year old son Jason are look-alikes.

  • Steve and Steak go together. His favorite? Skirt steak. If he could wear it, he would!